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Crime Novels in New York, New York

International Thrillers

After a lifetime career in psychiatry, author David Peretz constructs pulse-quickening international thrillers featuring NYPD Detective Ross Cortese, guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Suspense Novels

Novels of intrigue have never been so readable and entertaining. And women readers are drawn to the interweaving of a powerful love story. This series of unusual crime novels will keep you invested until the very last word.

Reader Reviews

The reviews are in, and readers love the NYPD Crime Novels of David Peretz. Read more about the series through reader reviews penned by critics and readers like you. 

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Read a Review of VENGEANCE OUT OF THE SHADOWS, the Third Installment of this Thrilling Series

All of the Author's Books Are Available Online through Amazon® and Barnes & Noble® in Print or as Ebook.

Barnes and Noble® (Titles) "Vengeance Out Of The Shadows," "The Broderick Curse," "The Mosel Legacy."

The Author Taught at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons in the Department of Psychiatry for Many Years

About Us

NYPD Crime Novels by David Peretz, MD, in New York, New York, offers fast-paced crime fiction, featuring Ross Cortese, NYPD. The Mosel Legacy is set in New York, Vienna and the north of Italy, and deals with a chilling neo-Nazi conspiracy. The Broderick Curse takes the reader from New York to Zurich and Athens, in this story of international financial corruption and murder. The most recent, Vengeance Out of the Shadows, begins with the killing of two landlords in New York while the backstory features France under the German Occupation and South Africa under apartheid.

After practicing psychiatry for more than 40 years, Dr. David Peretz has turned to a life of crime—crime fiction, that is. He has written a series of three NYPD crime novels: The Mosel Legacy, The Broderick Curse, and his latest book, Vengeance Out of the Shadows. Coming next: Sex & Murder in Paris.