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NYPD Crime Novels by David Peretz, MD, in New York, New York, has penned three crime novels that keep readers on the edge of their seat, wondering what's next for Ross Cortese. The reviews are in, and the truth is readers have a hard time putting these books down.

Here is What People Are Saying about Vengeance Out of the Shadows:

"Ross Cortese is back, and just when he thinks it is safe to breathe again, life knocks him for another loop. The characters are just as vibrant as in the first two novels, and once into it, you are hooked. I started the book Saturday evening, picked it up Sunday afternoon, and advised the family Sunday evening they could get take out for dinner - don't bother me until I finish this book! Peretz knows how to keep a reader on the edge of the seat and interweaves history, crime drama, romance, and just plain good writing into a most entertaining story.

Better yet, there is room for expansion. Can't wait for the fourth installment!" —Jennifer Taylor

David Peretz

This is What Reviewers Said About The Mosel Legacy & The Broderick Curse:

"A page-turner that goes straight to the heart and the conscience. Well paced, beautifully written, David Peretz is a welcome newcomer to the world of suspenseful fiction." —Ann Edwards, novelist and author of Streisand: A Biography

"...good pacing which turned into a page-turner at the end of the book complete with suspense and unpredictability. He has put himself into the major leagues of detective fiction." —Dr. Michael Blumenfeld, Editor, Psychiatry Talk

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