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International Thrillers in New York, New York

NYPD Crime Novels by David Peretz, MD, in New York, New York, gives you a front-row seat to crime, contract killing, and revenge, in his series of international thrillers. Follow Ross Cortese, NYPD in this, the third novel in the series, as he seeks to unravel the clues and stop a landlord killer dead in his tracks.

Vengeance Out of the Shadows

David Peretz, author of the crime novelsThe Mosel Legacy, and The Broderick Curse, returns with the third in his series of NYPD cop thrillers. In successive weeks, two New York property owners are killed, one in Central Park, and one in Brooklyn. Could these killings be the acts of a disgruntled tenant, a business rival, or is there a serial killer out there? Ross calls on Detective Ruth Wilson to join the Squad and assist with the investigation. Formerly a profiler for the FBI, Wilson has recently moved to New York and joined the NYPD. Will the killer strike again, and if so, when and where?

Meanwhile, Doschenko, an ex-KGB assassin, has been on the run from Interpol since Ross brought him down by foiling an attempted coup in Vienna. Fulfilling a contract killing in Oman, he gets the green light from his handler to come to New York, via Canada, for another assignment. The New York stop is the opportunity that he has been waiting for, to exact revenge on Ross and everyone he loves.

Vengeance Out of the Shadows

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